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Wedding Special Offer ( 2024/2025 ) 

 Engagement / Wedding Day 

Engagement + Wedding Day 15%off ( from $1963 ~ )

Engagement 5%off ( from $722 ~ )
Wedding Day 5%off ( from $1472 ~ )


【 Booking 】

​*​ You need to book ahead for your photoshoot session.

* Deposit is 50% of the total amount and the booking must be confirmed within 24 hours.

* Bookings are confirmed in the order of deposit.

* You cannot get a refund after 3 days of deposit, so please make sure when you book for your session.

* Please make a note of the shooting date and time in the e-transfer memo.

* E-transfer address-

* When you want to cancel 30 days before your session(From the day you pay deposit to 30 days before your shooting day), you need to pay 50% of the total as a penalty. And within 30 days of your session, you need to pay the total as penalty.

【 Photos 】

* We send original photos within 2 weeks, edited photos within 3 month from the day you select.

*Some of your photos may be uploaded on social media, website. There will be an extra $50 charge if you don’t want agree with this.

*There will be an additional charge if you want the full-sized original files.

* All Photos we send to you are only in jpeg form.

* All files will be sent by Google Drive and will be kept only for 14 days from the date the file was uploaded.

* Editing- color / skin, body only

Excessive face/body correction and synthesis, weather change, dress pleats, facial expression change, and hair removal are not included.

* The color and quality of the picture may vary depending on the background and other environments (weather, lighting).

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